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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our yard is taking shape!

Our yard is now taking shape.
The new fence is pretty much up minus the gates. We have most of our front beds in with mow strips, and today we went and bought the shrubs! Yup, we went and bought some bush! lol. I'm super happy with the way everything is turning out. It doesn't even look like the same house any more! Our lot looks huge with the new fence at the front. I can't wait till its done and we can just sit back and enjoy! If only it would stop raining until after we seed then lawn, then it can rain all it wants!
I've been weighing in on my regular days, mostly to see if all this hard work is paying off. I seem to be leveling out at between 190-193, but my pants are again feeling a little smaller. I think I must be putting on muscle and losing inches. To bad my arm wings arn't going away. Grr...will I be a bird forever?
On the baby front I went into see Dr Coe on Tues to get my IUD out. I arrived after waiting a month for the appointment, I sat in the waiting room for an hour, then I was told he didn't have the tool to remove it! WTF! I was livid! I gave the receptionist a piece of my mind! Why wasn't I told that when I made the appointment a month ago! I told the lady on the phone why I was making it! Or even more why didn't you pre screen me when I came to check in at the desk! I sat in your waiting room for an hour! I payed my baby sitter for and hour! OMG I was and am so mad! I think I scared her because not even 2 hours later I got a phone call about the actule removal appointment. So now I have to go to the Sturgeon out patient on my anniversary (July 2nd) to get it removed, because that's where the tool is!?! Sucks. I would still use this form of birth control again, it's super easy and now that I have this info about it's removal I'll know for next time. For the next few months Earl and I are planning on using store bought Birth Control. I think we'll try and get preggers some time this winter. This will insure that Evan can be moved into the bigger room and in his big boy bed (yet to be bought but definitely on the budget books), also this will insure that Evan and the new babies birthdays on opposite times of the year. Good for future birthday party costs and such.
Well really, all that's new with me. I hope everyone is well. I'll try to write more often but I really don't have much to report. Have a good one!

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Annieann77 said...

I can't wait to see your new yard!! It sounds really nice! Sorry to hear about the crappy appointment at the doc's?! Good luck on the TTC hopefully things will go as planned! ;)