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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crazy busy

Well my front yard still looks like a construction zone. We now have a front sidewalk which is good. But there is now a tandem load of black dirt sitting on my front lawn. Since it's raining that dirt will not be moving anywhere but turning into mud instead. This sucks! I just want to get it done! I want the front of my house to look nice when people walk by!
Life is soooo funny. Last year we had no money but all the time in the world to get things done. Evan wasn't walking yet so we could have but him in his saucer and went to work. This year however he is of course a goer! We can't work on the front because one of us has to watch him, his napping schedule is so sporadic we never know if he's going to actually nap or not, and I'm working every second weekend and 3 nights a week so that takes Earl out of the game until I'm off again the next weekend! Then we're back to Evan again.
Most of the jobs out front especially putting in the lawn edging kind of needs 2 ppl. Once that's done I can lay the brick for the mow strips durning the week, here's hoping mother nature gives us a couple of rainless hours this weekend.
Well my IUD comes out on June 24th. Which means the need for birth control or getting preggers again is in the front of my mind. I'm not sure yet another baby in 9 months is a good thing. I can't imagine all the things we would need to do to prepair, and the short amount of time we would have to do it in. That is of course if I get preggers right away, which lets face it is a strong possibility. The Wood girls are blessed when it comes to getting with child.
I'm hoping things are calming down now, so I'll get a chance to blog more often.
Oh on the weight loss front, I've gained back about 3 pounds. My weight has been fluctuating between 188-193. So with in 5 pounds. I've simply not been watching what I'm eating, and frankly at this point I don't really care. I'm happy, busy but happy, maybe after baby #2 I'll concentrate on getting to my goal weight. But for now I'm okay with me and my girth.
Have a good one ladies.

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Annieann77 said...

It's funny how you are wishing for no rain and I am doing a rain dance over here!! Although I think you are in luck, next weekend is suppose to be nice and I promise I won't be doing a rain dance then!! ;)

Congrats on getting to your "goal" weight, as long as you are happy with where you are - that is all that matters!! Not some silly chart! :)